Wellness Weekend

How to put together your own wellness retreat.

I’ve always wanted to attend a wellness retreat. It seems like such a great way to recharge your batteries, realign yourself with your purpose, and just grow. While attending an event like this is still on my bucket list – I decided to create a mini getaway of my own with a few of my nearest and dearest. Because why not?

The goal of this Wellness Weekend was to connect with some of my closest girls, de-stress, share insights, and of course have fun!

When putting my plans in motion, the first thing I thought about was making my girls feel like they were taken care of. So of course that meant food!


To ensure the ladies were well fed upon arrival, I put together a spread of assorted veggies and dip, chips and fresh salsa, pita and hummus, wine and cheese with pink grapes and chocolate covered strawberries. Dinner followed later in the evening.

I also kept the kitchen stocked with lots of water [spring water or infused], juices, and teas that would last us throughout the night.

During your Wellness Weekend I’d suggest partaking in some physical activity, whether it’s a walk in the late evening or doing some yoga in the morning. Just a bit of light exercise can make you feel great.


To get the mind inspired, try planning an activity that will offer a new experience to your guests. During my Wellness Weekend we made our own scented soy candles, and had a quick lesson on essential oils. To set the mood I also had my diffuser running with some lemon, orange and bergamot oils. A great blend to brighten the atmosphere.

This activity sparked so much conversation, from our likes and dislikes, routines, passions, and business ideas. In depth conversations are really the key to me, I find that there is always so much to learn from one another; not to mention it is cathartic.


Music always speaks to my spirit, so we had a collection of our favourite ballads playing at all times [Thank you Ella Mai]. Quiet down with a meditation session, which is guaranteed to have everyone feeling refreshed. You can find a lot of great guided meditations on Youtube, Spotify etc. Another idea is to gift your girls with a journal, and set aside some time and space for everyone to journal their thoughts/goals.

Overall I think the weekend was a success, because it was a meaningful experience for all of us. At the end of it I think we all left feeling motivated to live more intentionally, encouraged to practice self-care, and more connected to our tribe.

I hope you take the time to plan a weekend retreat, whether it be for yourself or with friends.

Love, peace & beauty sleep ✌🏽

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